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Welcome to Alberta Sasquatch!

We are a small group of knowledgeable researchers & investigators that have made it our mission to chronicle the existence of the creature known as Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
There are many Sasquatch (Bigfoot) research & investigation organizations that exist in the world today that cover the continent or even the entire world. We at Alberta Sasquatch believe that while that approach will yield a plethora of reports, but many will be too distant for the researcher to travel. We intend to cover the Province of Alberta, Canada. If reports from out of Alberta are filed with us, they will either be forwarded to knowledgeable & trustworthy researchers in their area of occurrence or kept in the files of Alberta Sasquatch. The choice is up to the individual who files the report.
The number of reports that this province has yielded definitely shows that the creature makes its home here, it is our task to follow up on some of these reports & garner what evidence we can. It is our plan to cover the Province of Alberta in its entirety. From Waterton Lakes National Park in the south, to Wood Buffalo National Park in the north. From Banff & Jasper National Park in the west, to the Saskatchewan border in the east. And all that is in between.
Many organizations hold only one philosophy when it comes to how to obtain evidence, and they expect their members to hold the same philosophy. Some believe that photographs, video, castings, and certain DNA evidence is enough to prove their existance (Anti-Kill). Others believe that the only way for the creature to be formally recognized is to bring in a body, or parts of a body to have academics study (Pro-Kill). We at Alberta Sasquatch hold no one philosophy to be true, Anti-Kill & Pro-Kill both are both welcome. Some of us have worked with both sides of the coin before, & have found the mix to be refreshing and quite productive.

Thank you for visiting our website. It will always be a work in
progress, as hardly anything ever stays the same in this research field.  

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